Grease For Vehicle

Dielectric grease for wires MC (8 g)

The dielectric grease for wires MC is designed to seal and protect the wiring of the car from outwar..



Grease for Tripod CV-joints MC-SHRUS (50 g)

Why do you need it? Is intended for using in inner cv-joints of all vehicles. Has soft consist..



MC-1400 NORD Low Temperature Grease (400 g)

The grease MC 1400 NORD is specially created for centralized lubrication systems. Grease is approved..



MC-1510 Blue Restorative Bearing Grease

  • A unique high melting point (350 ° C, 100 ° C higher than alternative products). • Rel..



Silicot REZIN for Rubber Seals (30 ml)

The Silicot REZIN silicone grease protects rubber seals from freezing and hardening. Advantages: ..



Solid grease MC 2000 is a wear-resistant coating.

Solid grease MC 2000 is a wear-resistant coating.It is applied on pistons and crankshafts of locomot..



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